Where Did The Rain Go?

The cows are I would like to know where the rain went. If you happen to see the rain, please give him, or her, directions here and remind them that we really, really miss them.

Our pasture has faded away. Normally we receive regular rainfall this time of year. Normally we’re often in mud. More often than not, it seems like we’re living in the dust bowl with every step the cows take.

We, like many of our neighbors, have already begun feeding hay meant for winter to ensure the cows get plenty to eat. We’re lucky to get the hay we did for many missed the late summer rains we got.

Our creeks and ponds are drying and dying and we’ve had to move some animals to different pastures so they could have access to water.

Over 6,000 acres in Tennessee have burned and more than fifty fires have been active at a time. Thankfully, there are no fires immediately close by, but we often smell the smoke and work in the haze. The first couple of times I smelled it when exiting the house and walking outside I found myself in a bit of a panic. I walked around the house to make sure there was nothing amiss. After our fire in February, I can’t help but worry.

A tenth of rain came our way a few days ago, and the most we’ve seen in a long while. As exciting as it was, it is far too little to do more than quiet the dust for a day. I recently spoke to dairy farmers south of me and their situation was as grim or worse. Like us, they did not plant any fall crops when there is little chance of it coming up.

In the meantime, we pray for rain. Rain will come sometime. We hope it comes soon.

2 thoughts on “Where Did The Rain Go?

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  1. The smell of smoke must be terrifying for you folks; I’ll say a prayer for rain. We’re in drought conditions in New Hampshire as well although we did get heavy Nor’-easter a couple weeks ago that helped fill the reservoirs, but we’re having more bears in close because of the poor berry season.

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    1. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Bears are not anything we have to concerned about here, but in the Smokies nearby….
      They have rain in our forecast so we’ll see. Maybe we’ll both get some soon!


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