AT&T Fixed Wireless Two Year Review

My two-month review has been one of my most popular posts so I thought it might be of use to give another update now that a longer time period has passed.

I’ll start with the bad and get it out of the way. Around last October we began having intermittent internet outages. These were random throughout the day. Sometimes I could unplug the router and antennae and it would fix and other times it would not. I spent time on the phone with tech support and after the third visit, my tech guy agreed to change out the router box to see if that would fix the problem. That fixed that problem, although it did take around one month to accomplish.

In March, around the time the pandemic arrived, we began having more random internet outages. This time around the AT&T box had all green lights and logging into the main page showed I had a good connection. We had used an AirPort Extreme Wireless router connected to the AT&T box to serve up wi-if to all of our devices. I removed the AirPort and connected everything to the AT&T box’s wi-if and the problem cleared up completely. At this point, I’m not sure if the AirPort Extreme was failing or if there was a firmware update on one of the two boxes that caused the problem. The AirPort Extreme had been working with it from the first day we installed the fixed wireless.

The only drawback that occurred was finding out that the range of the wi-fi of the AT&T box was smaller and could not reach every corner of the house as it did before. I’d always been intrigued with mesh wi-fi and while reading about those I discovered that AT&T offers a Smart Wi-Fi Extender for $40 that works with their fixed wireless box like other mesh systems. I installed it on the opposite side of the house from the main box. Connecting it was as simple as pressing the WPS button on the main box and extender. No passwords needed to be typed in or web addresses to log in to. Nice! We now have a stronger signal throughout the house and our devices connect to whichever has the best signal without any intervention on our part.

Extender with Roku remote to show size

The family has really put the fixed wireless internet to good use during the pandemic. With the kids and my wife at home, they have all been doing multiple Zoom meetings throughout the day. These have worked well enough despite the limitations of our connection speed. AT&T has eliminated data caps during this time. We would have easily gone over the 250GB with all of the Zooms and other online learning had they not changed it.

The fact that our fixed wireless has been able to sustain the extra traffic during the pandemic would lead me to believe that AT&T could easily allow for larger tiers of data to purchase in the future. Perhaps they could offer 500GB for one price and unlimited for another. Another service, My Rural Wi-Fi, offers unlimited internet data utilizing AT&T towers for only $99 a month. Instead of an outdoor antenna, it uses a mobile hotspot typically sold for RV’s. Without a large outdoor antenna, it might not work for those on the extremes, however, it does make you wonder why an unlimited data plan is not offered on AT&T’s fixed wireless, too.

After two years AT&T fixed wireless is still the best internet available in my area. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to the future with the possibilities of improved speed with 5G, as well as the potential of the internet from the upcoming Starlink via satellite. Hopefully, they will come sooner than later.

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  1. We’ve had the AT&T service for 4 months and have generally been very pleased. Download speeds have consistently been in the 40 range and there are only occasional outages, most of which are for less than 40-45 seconds.

    I did connect the router to a Deco mesh wireless network and now have very good coverage both in the house, in an adjacent shop building, and in our nearby guest house.

    The good AT&T coverage has been very welcome during the pandemic and has allowed me to successfully work from home and participate in several daily Zoom meetings.

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    1. That’s awesome. We’re only able to get around 15-25 with our distance from the tower. Still much better than every current alternative for us. Thanks for commenting!


      1. I got AT&T fix wireless internet a little over a month ago. I’m fairly close to the tower we use about 1.6 miles. My average speeds run between 25-35 Mbps but I’ve also had speeds hit over 70 Mbps. So if you ever get a tower closer to your home you should definitely get them to make sure it pings on the closer one. Only real issue I’ve had with it is on the app my data didnt reset with the end of the first month. So no I’m over halfway to the 250 GB cap and only 2 days into this billing cycle. I’m guessing it’s just behind or the data resets on a different day than the billing month changes. I’m not sure. But aside from that I’m really happy with AT&T fixed wireless internet personally especially since it’s the only internet aside from hotspot or satilite in my area

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    2. The other wireless service has cut back to 250 no longer offering unlimited. AT&T will put them out of business.


  2. I did get a letter from our rural electric co-op that within a year they will be offering unlimited 1000 mbps fiber to all their customers. I’m really excited about that prospect. Hopefully other co-ops will also begin doing that. It would really be good for those of us who live out in the country

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    1. That would be nice. A utility in the county next door is exploring their options with fiber. Maybe the current need for teleworking will encourage others to make investments to help rural customers.


  3. Thanks for the update farmerbright. I will make notes of the recent comments on this post. Will be looking into my rural wifi. Will also take notes on the routers y’all used. Not sure I want satellite. I’ve got a phone line. Can’t figure out why I can’t install a disk on the computer and get dsl service. Feel free to update again soon when you get the chance.

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    1. We don’t use a VPN so I don’t have any personal experience. There has been no problem with online banking or logging into everyday sites at our house. Maybe someone will chime in with an answer.


    2. Vanessa,

      I have had my AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet in Central Kentucky since October, 2019. My work’s corporate office is in Atlanta, GA and I’m required to sign into their server with a VPN. I’ve had no issues whatsoever. The connection is stable and the system does not slow down too much.


  4. Hoping I can get the ATT wireless router installed on a pole. I’ve got 3 buildings and trees near where I’d put the router on my house. Installing a router on a pole will place it directly in front of the cell towers. Wish I could get spectrum internet with no data caps. Will be checking with my electric coop or someone to see if they will be laying fiber in my area in my lifetime.


    1. The good news is that they are currently not charging for data overages due to Covid-19, but I have not read how long that will last. The technician they send out will try to measure the signal for the best spot. Hope you get it where works good for signal strength and usability.


  5. Thanks Farmer Bright for your original post two years ago. Your post was the deciding factor on my family going with AT&T Fixed Wireless at my house in Central Kentucky in October 2019. Before fixed wireless, I had pathetic DSL that was running at 1.0 – 1.5. As soon as the fixed wireless went online in my house, our internet speed jumped to 40 – 50. All of my neighbors now have the fixed wireless with no major issues (they all love it). The only minor issue that I’ve had is that since the pandemic hit, my speed went down to 15 – 30 (since so many people were at home and not in their offices). Since businesses are open again, my speed has raised to between 30 – 35. Also the wireless router services the entire house and also outside my house to a gazebo I have in my backyard. Thank you for your first review. My family is very happy and we no longer have to argue over poor internet service.

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  6. How near a tower do you need to be. At&t towers are very sparse in my area and I’m probably 5 miles or more from the nearest one.


    1. I think it is around two miles but I’m not sure. The good news is Verizon, T-Mobile, and others are also offering fixed wireless service. If you can get LTE on a cellphone with another carrier, you could try them if AT&T doesn’t work out.


    2. Wish I knew. I’m less than 5 miles from a tower. The ATT guy on the phone recommended satellite service for me. And the folks in my area are charging around $60 a month for less than 100GB of bandwidth! I can get free bandwidth between 2 am-8 am every day.

      The problem with that is I’m not woke or at home 24/7 to be on the net during those hours. Frustrating to say the least. One good thing is I have less thugs living in my area to worry about.

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  7. Thank you, Farmerbright, and all of these other contributors for all of this info!

    We currently have satellite and have been getting about 25-30mbps speed, but latency is an issue. What is the lag on the fixed wireless? I’ve done some research and it seems like avg for satellite is 590-615 ms lag (compared to cable with is 15-35 ms).

    Also, is there a way to know how close to a tower you are?

    Are you affected by weather/rain with fixed wireless?

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  8. I live in a metal building and have a WeBoost cell signal amplifier. Do you know how this would interact with the att internet equipment? Thanks


    1. I don’t necessarily think it would as long as the indoor antenna for the WeBoost is not close to wherever the fixed wireless antenna is mounted to outside. I would definitely tell the installer about the amplifier when they arrive so they can take that into consideration. If it isn’t boosting the AT&T tower they would connect to it might not even matter in some ways.
      For those of us that have considered purchasing a cell signal amplifier, how satisfied were you with it?


      1. The signal amplifier works fantastic! When it isn’t turned on, we have no signal whatsoever inside our home. The amplifier gives us around 120 mbps, which is not super great, but we live in an area with poor coverage.

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  9. We just got ATT fixed wireless installed yesterday and it is worlds better than Hughes Net satellite that we have been suffering through the last 6 months. I’m getting speeds anywhere from 10-36 mbps so far and the ping has fluctuated from 39-125 and jitter as low as 17. I’m able to do video conferencing for work with a crystal clear connection and no delay. We got a deal that gives us the first 2 months unlimited data and after that we get 500 GB per month which is more than we will use. I was a bit surprised by the taxes and fees which brings our monthly of 49.99/mo up to about 100 bucks. But, if we keep getting this great connection then I’m happy to pay it. I was paying about that with the poor connection and low data plan with Hughes Net.
    I’m a happy customer so far! And thank you to this forum that really gave me great info ahead of calling ATT to find out more.

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