Bored Cows

You’ve read about it on the internet. You know all about those dairy cows that are overworked and underpaid. These are the cows you’ve read about.


Just what are these cows doing? Look closely and you’ll see the problem. I mean besides the weeds that should’ve been mowed. If you said they’re not watching Netflix or checking Facebook then you guessed correctly.  These cows are bored. They have nothing to do. Continue reading


Some of us have a lot of hats that we wear. Mine, in no particular order, include father, husband, son, friend, farmer, and a few more. My wife would say I have watched too many of them!

Wearing the right hat at the right time is not always an easy task. While many people can indentify with some hats I wear there are less than 2% of the population that wear a farmer hat like me.

I went to town to do some non-farm business the other day and as usual I was wearing a farm hat and coat. While waiting on some paperwork the sales clerk began asking about what kind of farming I do and reminiscing about her own childhood farm memories.

 Unfortantly for me I was focused only on me and missed a great opportunity to spread the good news about milk. I forgot my hat. A few days later I was again in town and fell into the same situation. This time I was pro-active and talked about dairy farming and the ways we provide safe wholesome milk with happy healthy cows. I was proud of the hat I was wearing.

New Year’s Morning

The new year started as normal with me getting up to bring the cows in from the night pasture.  I should’ve known something was up from the beginning. Several cows were huddled at the opening of the lane, but they were not going in.  Gently, I called to them and urged them forward. With a questioning look back at me, the cows hesitatingly entered the lane and towards the barn. Continue reading

Milk and Time 

Perhaps it was a social faux pas, but I couldn’t help myself. Maybe it was the holiday spirit. Yes, let’s say the holiday spirit came over me. That’s why I had to ask Clara if she’d gotten me anything for Christmas.

Clara, of course, is my favorite cow.

She stared at me and swung her head from side to side which is a clear indication she wanted her ears rubbed. Again. By now I could tell what she was thinking. I knew what she would say. “Now Ryan,” she’d begin, “you know I can’t exactly do a whole lot of shopping here in the barn lot or out in the pasture. How about I give you a little extra milk for Christmas?” Continue reading