Dairy Promotion

Friday was a really great day as I was honored as being the Tennessee dairy promoter of the year by the TN ADA at the June Dairy Month kickoff. That’s my friend and current TN ADA President, Celeste Blackburn, with me and the awesome cow print I was presented.

It was exciting to be there with about half of the 4-H county June Dairy Month chairpersons and the rest on zoom. Like them, I can’t wait to loudly share my love for all things dairy for the entire month.

Of course, this brings us to the other bit of news. Like the Colonial Pipeline, I have been hacked. My personal Facebook account was hacked about two weeks ago and because of a horrendous post the hacker made my account was locked down. This means I also cannot access the Farmer Bright Instagram or Facebook accounts.

As of now the entire thing is in limbo and I’ve unfortunately not been able to make any progress in clearing my name or getting any feedback other than “you’re under review.” I’ve since found out there is a growing number of users being hacked despite having all of the right security measures in place.

In the meantime, you can still find Farmerbright here, on Twitter, and writing for Growing America.

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  1. Congratulations to you but so sorry you’ve been hacked! I wondered where you’d gone. Hopefully, it can be cleared up soon.


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