Milk and Time 

Perhaps it was a social faux pas, but I couldn’t help myself. Maybe it was the holiday spirit. Yes, let’s say the holiday spirit came over me. That’s why I had to ask Clara if she’d gotten me anything for Christmas.

Clara, of course, is my favorite cow.

She stared at me and swung her head from side to side which is a clear indication she wanted her ears rubbed. Again. By now I could tell what she was thinking. I knew what she would say. “Now Ryan,” she’d begin, “you know I can’t exactly do a whole lot of shopping here in the barn lot or out in the pasture. How about I give you a little extra milk for Christmas?”

I considered it for a moment, smiled, and agreed with her. “And I’ll take a little extra time to scratch your ears and rub your chin.” That’s what Clara likes. She often doesn’t even wait for me to come to her and will walk to me to get some immediate attention. Clara nodded her head and I knew Christmas would be great.

You have the opportunity to make Christmas great, too, with milk and a little time. You can make a difference in your community by taking a moment of your time to give to the Great American Milk Drive.


Your donation will go to buy milk for those in need in your area.

Clara and I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas!

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