Average American Farmer?

I saw this infographic from Successful Farming and thought I'd see how I compare. I'm well under the average age. Our farm is much smaller, but we do raise corn and wheat for silage. I made it in the 28% group with my degree in Animal Science! Sports fan? That's probably a stretch for me,... Continue Reading →

Christmas Light For The Cows

With Thanksgiving barely relegated to leftovers it is time to enact our holiday tradition of putting up the cows' Christmas lights.  Each year we put these up over the hay manger where our girls eat.  I think they enjoy them, too, because who doesn't like Christmas lights!

Antibiotics In Our Milk

What is one of the worst phone calls a dairyman could ever receive? "Hey, Farmer Bright. You are going to have to buy that last milk truck tanker. Your sample tested positive for antibiotics. You polluted all of the other farmer's milk on the entire load. You have to pay for it." No farmer ever... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Is For Moochers 

Thanksgiving is totally for moochers and there's no denying it.  Let's think about the big feast you're about to attend. Odds are you didn't even help with preparing the meal. In fact it is probably a ten to one ratio of eaters to cooks. Sure mom, grandma, great grandma, and your aunt have been slaving... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found Knife

Today I was very happy to find my lost pocket knife. I misplaced it yesterday and finally retraced my steps back to where I had left it. A farmer can never be without one, or as my extension agent once said, "A man should always carry a pen and a knife." Okay, I'm still working... Continue Reading →

Against The Grain 

I have a teenage daughter. Now most dads might think about what a burden that is. They might talk about the nonstop talking for instance. Or giggling. Lots of giggling. Lastly, they might reference teenage boys and explain how their gun needs cleaning or how hard they can hit a ball, or balls, with a... Continue Reading →

Coffee, Calves, And Kids

I can't take any credit for the photos, but I can definitely relate. It really helps  being a morning person when you are a dairy farmer. I might have mentioned that you're late for work if you show up here after 4:00 am. I wasn't always as morning coffee person. I got along just fine... Continue Reading →

Fred The Farm Cat

Fearless Fred the farm cat is the last of three strays that someone dropped off at our farm about five years ago. His brothers were also orange, but had fewer lives. One lost a race with a car and the other a fight with a cow.   Fred is an adventurer, and I am sure... Continue Reading →

Winter Whiner

My dad says the only good thing about winter is that there are no flies. I am not looking forward to winter. This has nothing to do with the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's; they are all fun for me and not stressful. I am strictly talking about the weather. Bah humbug on that, indeed.... Continue Reading →

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