Farmer Bright: Storm Chaser (Almost)

No, that isn’t the title of my new book. Today while I was baling hay I managed to video two different whirlwinds that twirled through the hay field. The windrows of hay my uncle had just finished raking swirled high in the air and some were carried over into a corn field. I can’t imagine these were dangerous, but despite being a little aggravating they were fascinating to watch. Here’s the better of the two. Continue reading

Donut Drive Through on the Farm

With National Donut Day coming up tomorrow I thought this would be a great Throwback Thursday post!

Time To Fetch The Cows

By four a.m. each morning I am driving out to the pasture making sure all the cows have come in to be milked. Yes, I did say four a.m.!

Today I was thinking as I drove the tractor down the lane that what I, we, really need is a drive through Dunkin’ Donuts at the end of the lane.

Dunkin Donuts shop Continue reading