Frozen and Flurries

I woke up too early this morning to the sound of ice tipping on the heat pump’s fan. Our forecast called for a mix of snow and rain with temperatures barely above freezing. While I lay there debating whether or not it was worth it to get out of the cozy bed and switch over to auxiliary heat I thought about how lucky we are.

Before I went to bed I saw on Facebook how dairy farmers were having to dump their milk in New Mexico and elsewhere because of the winter storms shutting down milk plants. This is on top of the already huge challenges facing farmers and ranchers all throughout the brunt of this cold weather. Not to mention what all of those without power and dwindling food are having to do to survive in Texas and elsewhere. Even farmers and folks just a few counties west of us in Tennesee are dealing with cold and ice that never made it here.

Deciding to brave the cold floors and put another log on the fire became a fairly easy choice when I considered what ice could do here if it formed. A little later any chance here of danger was past as temperatures were hovering in the upper 30’s at breakfast and the biggest problem we have this morning is one busted water line.

While the kids were sad there were no snowmen to be had, I breathed a sigh of relief. After working through one blizzard and a few short ice storms, I’ll be happy to just deal with the cold. We’re not prepared for that sort of extreme weather and I hate to imagine what those in the midst of this and the after effects are enduring today. Especially since most had little control of what was happening to them.

Maybe this is a reminder to be grateful for what we have and to not forget to reach a hand out for those in need. We never expect to be the one needing it ourselves.

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  1. Really cold in Texas. I’ve now had 148 hours below freezing with an inch of ice on everything. It’s 5 inches thick on the ponds and electric power has been intermittent. I’m thankful, though, that my cows have been able to get in barns and there will be only two more nights of freezing temperatures before a warmup begins.

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    1. The cold is bad enough, add ice and partial power, and it is exponentially more difficult to take care of your family and animals. We’re praying for you and everyone in that situation. Really hoping you get warmer weather and sunshine soon!


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