A Little Rain, Please 

I jinxed us. I’m sure of it. After the fire, I never bought another rain coat. In July we had several rains and the two dollar poncho I picked up wasn’t going to hold up another day. So I went and got a nice rain coat. 

And then it stopped raining. Sort of like the opposite of Noah’s story, and it sure does feel like forty days of heat. The cows had been picking grass like crazy and our yard was an unruly beast.

And then

Talk about your well-worn path from pasture to paddock! And while we were in the second tier on the drought map, there were plenty of farms in much drier conditions.

The good news is that yesterday rain finally arrived. We got a nice, steady fall of about one half inch. No more rain for the next couple of days, but we are very glad for what we received.

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