Hold The Whip Cream 

I am bewildered and perplexed. I have a mystery that I'm not sure even the detective I write about, John  Steele, can solve.  My wife and I went out to eat sans the kids over the weekend. This was a last minute plan and we ended up at Sonic. While we were polishing off some... Continue Reading →

Farmers and Earth Day 

When farmers say every day is Earth Day they really mean it. In order for a farm to be passed down, to be sustainable, the farmer has to be a good steward of their land. The progress of raising the same amount of food and fiber with fewer inputs and resources is a testament to... Continue Reading →

Animals and Pet Days

I was sad to realize that I missed National Farm Animals Day yesterday. Then I realized it wasn't a day to celebrate the animals we raise on our farm. It wasn't a day for farmers and people that raise animals. This day was created for animal rights folks to complain about farmers. Interestingly enough, today... Continue Reading →

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