After The Fire

We sold the milk cows. Imagine taking a sharp knife and attempting to slice off all of the emotional aspects of a decision to make it easier. You won't succeed. After the fire at our shop, we were left with two facts that we could not ignore. On average, we spend an hour or more... Continue Reading →


The first thing that went wrong was me oversleeping. But I don't oversleep. I have two alarms on my phone so that never happens. Friday morning I woke up a few minutes late. My first thought was that there would be no leisurely reading my local tv news app on my phone as I got my... Continue Reading →

When a Dairy Cow Ran For President

In 2012 one of our dairy cows decided that the nation needed a new leader to take us in a better direction, and she volunteered for the job. Shirley Cow began her campaign in earnest. She even selected a running mate, Norma, from Dairy Carrie's herd. Here is the complete saga of Shirley Cow's run... Continue Reading →

The Milk and Cookie Ratio

From the dawn of time, man has searched for the answers to the universe. Who am I? Where did I come from? What am I supposed to do? How many cookies should I eat with my glass of milk? The last of these I have pondered for years. After another exhaustive testing period over lunch,... Continue Reading →

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