AT&T Fixed Wireless: 2 Month Review

Fast and Reliable (compared to DSL) The Data Cap is filled quicker than you think Living in a rural area means that fast and reliable internet service is something we've hoped for and never had until now. I've written about how our DSL line goes out for the weather, and sometimes cow related events; so... Continue Reading →

Milk, Calves, and Dance Day

My oldest is the dancer in the family. Many, many evenings and weekends are spent going to dance practice and events. But it isn't a one way street. She's taken her skills and put them to good use working with the calves. It is important for them to get their exercise and be exposed to... Continue Reading →

Where Did The Rain Go?

The cows are I would like to know where the rain went. If you happen to see the rain, please give him, or her, directions here and remind them that we really, really miss them. Our pasture has faded away. Normally we receive regular rainfall this time of year. Normally we're often in mud. More... Continue Reading →

Snow Day On A Dairy Farm

While everyone else is rejoicing the snow day that's happening here, for us it simply means that life will be more difficult. Every day is work on a dairy farm, but when snow arrives with cold temperatures it can make even the easiest chore hard. The local television news crews may remind viewers to care for... Continue Reading →

Christmas Light For The Cows

With Thanksgiving barely relegated to leftovers it is time to enact our holiday tradition of putting up the cows' Christmas lights.  Each year we put these up over the hay manger where our girls eat.  I think they enjoy them, too, because who doesn't like Christmas lights!

Coffee, Calves, And Kids

I can't take any credit for the photos, but I can definitely relate. It really helps  being a morning person when you are a dairy farmer. I might have mentioned that you're late for work if you show up here after 4:00 am. I wasn't always as morning coffee person. I got along just fine... Continue Reading →

For Those Who Are Called

I am sure farmers are called to be farmers. Maybe not everyone answers on the first ring, but they're called. I've said they might even be crazy to keep the hours and do the labor needed. Today is a day to honor another group that were called. I think you have be an extraordinary person... Continue Reading →

30 Days And a New Blog

I've had the urge to do something different in blogging. Part of me has always regretted not using WordPress before and I decided to revisit it. And then I saw a 30 day challenge. A great way to jump start it? We'll see.     I wanted to try something new here where I felt like... Continue Reading →

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