One Year Later

I don't think of us as being survivors, but perhaps that's what we are. One year ago a spark gave way to a flame and fire engulfed our shop and the farm's first milk barn forcing us to sell our milk herd. Coming back from that has not been easy, and yet here we are... Continue Reading →

Where Did The Rain Go?

The cows are I would like to know where the rain went. If you happen to see the rain, please give him, or her, directions here and remind them that we really, really miss them. Our pasture has faded away. Normally we receive regular rainfall this time of year. Normally we're often in mud. More... Continue Reading →

We’re Back!

After five long months of cleaning up after the fire and making repairs, we are milking cows again. Saturday was the first pickup of milk from our farm. A dairy farmer in a nearby town decided to retire and we were able to pick out some of his cows, and we now have a few... Continue Reading →

And then there was light…

Like my slightly older cousins, I remember carrying a five-gallon bucket of ¬†hot milk to the calf barn, which was a converted chicken coop, and mixing it with cold water to feed the calves with. Trust me, it was a long walk. In 1992, my father designed a calf barn that would provide a healthy... Continue Reading →

After The Fire

We sold the milk cows. Imagine taking a sharp knife and attempting to slice off all of the emotional aspects of a decision to make it easier. You won't succeed. After the fire at our shop, we were left with two facts that we could not ignore. On average, we spend an hour or more... Continue Reading →


The first thing that went wrong was me oversleeping. But I don't oversleep. I have two alarms on my phone so that never happens. Friday morning I woke up a few minutes late. My first thought¬†was that there would be no leisurely reading my local tv news app on my phone as I got my... Continue Reading →

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