Calves Vs Babies

In the tradition of reruns, syndication, and Netflix; I thought for Throwback Thursdays (#TBT) I would pull up some of my favorite posts. We'll kick it off with Calves Vs Babies!! VS     While changing my 2-month-old son's diaper the other day, I thought to myself that I never have to do this to... Continue Reading →

The Heat Is On

I took this picture Sunday while the sunshine I happily greeted came and began the melting we wee waiting for. Looking back at the photo I thought about a title and The Heat Is On came to mind. And Glen Frey.  Growing up I thought the Eagles were country musicians because the local country station... Continue Reading →

Snow Day On A Dairy Farm

While everyone else is rejoicing the snow day that's happening here, for us it simply means that life will be more difficult. Every day is work on a dairy farm, but when snow arrives with cold temperatures it can make even the easiest chore hard. The local television news crews may remind viewers to care for... Continue Reading →

Celebrating National Milk Day

Creamer for coffee Milk and cereal Buttered toast Yogurt smoothie Grilled cheese sandwich Mac n cheese Loaded baked potato with sour cream How will you celebrate National Milk Day? Milk and cookies Milkshake Ice cream Sundae......  

Colons, Tattoos, and Editing 

To celebrate the final rounds of editing my Calculated Cruelty book I got a tattoo of a colon on my hand.  The punctuation kind, not the body part.  Yes, I'm joking. I actually received these two blood blisters while repairing this fence last week. I don't think I could ever get a tattoo because I'm... Continue Reading →

Dreaming About The Lotto

So this farmer meme showed up this week about the lottery.   A little #Powerball #aghumor #agmeme for you this morning. #farmer #agchat #lottery #ifiwonthelotteryIwould — Matt Boucher (@boucherfarms) January 7, 2016   True. I can't argue with it. We put our faith in cows and plants; our money, too. If they don't do... Continue Reading →

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