No Holidays For Farmers

Perhaps one of the things friends and non-farm family members don't get about me is that I don't have days off at a time over the holidays. And the cows don't either. Dairy Cows Are Not Widgets Despite how some like to describe farms as factories, we are far from it. We cannot simply tell... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Cow Miracle 

 For the past few days we've been giving this girl extra care. Carrying feed, hay, and water-cows drink a bathtub of water a day-oh, the water; it has been a chore.  Yesterday she walked well. She got up quickly and walked with a limp in both legs and today she stayed up for a long... Continue Reading →

Posset-ively Eggnog Is Ice Cream

Like it or not, Eggnog is a holiday mainstay. Who knew what humble beginnings this treat had. Let's go to the wayback machine, Sherman! Back in Ye Olden Days "Mum, I'm going to throw the stale bread out and give it to the pigs." "Hold yer breeches, boy! That be our breakfast." Perhaps that isn't... Continue Reading →

Even Batman Needs Coffee

A conversation this morning on Twitter lamented the despair involved when one forgets to start the coffee maker and how little is accomplished before that first cup of caffeine. I think know I do important things and I'm sure our cows and calves at least think me feeding them is important. That got me to... Continue Reading →

Pizza In Space

Before we begin we have to set the mood. Yes, you have to push play on the video to set the mood. Ok, now we can start. An Indian engineer claims to have created a 3-D printer capable of printing food and, most importantly, pizza! Yes, I said pizza! Pizza and other meals for NASA.... Continue Reading →

30 Days and 30 Posts

 The first step in writing is to simply write. Press one key and then another and the next thing you know you've gotten to the end of your 30 days of blogging adventure. In case you haven't guessed it, I'm copping out a bit on this last one, but cut me some slack because it... Continue Reading →

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