We’re Back!

After five long months of cleaning up after the fire and making repairs, we are milking cows again.

Saturday was the first pickup of milk from our farm.

A dairy farmer in a nearby town decided to retire and we were able to pick out some of his cows, and we now have a few beautiful Jerseys to keep our herd from being only black and white.

The first few days were challenging as we had to prove our trustworthiness to them. They now know the routine and act like they are enjoying their new home.

Some things never change.

Fred the cat is happily returning to his job of being the official taste tester of our milk.
We’d like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and support during the last few months.

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  1. Ooohhhh…last week was the fair and I can’t believe I missed this exciting news! So happy for you…it isnt an easy transition to bring in new cows, but I know you guys will make it work. Welcome back!

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