Enough Ice Cream?

No summer could ever be summer without ice cream. The cure for a smoldering hot summer day? Ice cream. How to ignore that blistering sunburn you just realized you got? Ice cream. How to stop your kid from crying about a skinned knee? The answer, of course, is ice cream. 

This summer I took a quick vacation to the beach with my in-laws. Somewhere on the scale between they’re-pretty-nice and crazy is hopefully where you’ll find yours. While I could easily point out my differences with my in-laws, I’d rather home in on their strong suit.

Ice Cream.

Yes, I said ice cream. My in-laws love ice cream, and specifically they love Blue Bell ice cream. My wife and I picked up two cartons of it on our grocery store run. Yes, we did buy cones, too! But with upwards of twenty dairy loving folks scooping up frozen delight on sweltering hot days, two half gallons of ice cream doesn’t go very far.

Houston, we have a problem!

My father-in-law may ignore lots of things in the search for an honest nap, but the prospect of opening the freezer door and finding it empty is not one of them. Before anyone could utter, “Where’s the ice cream scoop?” we were on our way off the island in search of cartons of frozen joy.

It took us scouring the freezers of  two stores before he found what he was looking for. His only question of, “Will this be enough ice cream?” as we loaded our arms down had one answer:

“Maybe it will last until tomorrow!”

July is Ice Cream month. Feel free to celebrate it all year. And after you’ve eaten the last bit of your ice cream cone, check out these other dairy bloggers’ take on ice cream month!

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