Kid and Cow Routines

Life is a lot about routines; learning new ones and remembering old ones. We are two weeks into the school year at our house. Getting everyone up and out the door isn’t new, but this year we have two of the kids starting new schools to change things up for us.

The cows are learning, too, and  I think we might have turned a page today. This was the first time the cows came in out of the field at milking time without any encouragement. This morning a few were walking through the lot when I woke and this afternoon they all came in on their own before I could even call them.

Now, why would the cows come in from the pasture? They’ve learned the routine and know when milking time begins. But being milked is not the only draw for them. There’s also food!

Delicious hay and silage are always waiting on the cows which are pretty good incentives. I’m still working on the incentives to get the kids up and out the door on time, but I’m sure we’ll think of something.

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  1. Our kids walked down the street and through the woods to their school. Our son was always last out the door just ahead of retribution. One day I woke him on time, set out breakfast and didn’t say a word about being on time. He dawdled as usual and ambled out too late to make the bell. When he got to school, no kids on the playground and he could see everyone in their classes. He hid out in the woods all day, embarrassed to go in and scared to come home. He was never late again.

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