Calculated Cruelty at Amazon

Chapter 1

“…the phone lines are jammed up with your calls about Right To Farm or Right To Kill. We’ll have Senator Pearson on in the next hour to explain why he wants to repeal the Right To Farm Act. Caller one, your thoughts?”

“I’ve been vegetarian for five years because of what happens on those factory farms. I’m glad Senator Pearson wants to-”

Calculated Cruelty, the next installment of my John Steele, rural detective series, is now available at Amazon.The fire slowed everything down, including my writing. I had hoped to release the book the week after Valentine’s Day and then it had to be postponed. Perhaps that was for the better, but the wait is over.


Many thanks to everyone that read the book and gave me feedback. Most of it was positive with a common comment that longer would be better.

When I finished and read it for the first time my first reaction was that I had written a Sunday night TV mystery movie of the week. Long enough to keep you entertained, but not too long and make you bored.

One of the delays was finding the right cover. I pondered this one for a good six months and made several more, but in the end, I kept coming back to it. If you have a better idea, by all means, send it to me.

Reviews, good and bad, are always welcome, and please leave one on Amazon for Calculated Cruelty, or the first in the series, No Signal. I’ll be uploading an edition to Smashwords soon and they will distribute to the other major ebook retailers like iTunes, Barnes and Noble, etc.

The working title for book 3 is Virtual Murder, and the outline for it is filling up with all kinds of fun ideas I’ve come across. I will keep you posted!


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  1. What a great theme for a mystery series. My series Cameron’s Pride from Heartwarming is a trilogy about the greatly misunderstood sport of professional bull riding. Too little fiction is published about rural life; looking forward to reading your treatment.

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    1. I agree. I’d hate to be completely defined by a modern country song. There’s so much more than that. I have a Twitter friend, FJ Thomas, that also writes about rodeo life.


      1. I’ve followed rodeo since I was a kid in Kentucky, but I love Professional Bull Riding because it defies all reason and because of the excellent care and concern for the bulls. Race horses should be treated so well.


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