Animals and Pet Days

I was sad to realize that I missed National Farm Animals Day yesterday. Then I realized it wasn’t a day to celebrate the animals we raise on our farm. It wasn’t a day for farmers and people that raise animals. This day was created for animal rights folks to complain about farmers.

Interestingly enough, today is National Pet Day. Here’s my pal, Fred.


I think we often confuse these. Farm animals are not pets or people, and for that matter, neither are the pet people. I love our cows and calves. I love spending my days feeding and caring for them, watching them grow, and becoming productive members of the herd.

Should we respect all of the animals? Of course. As a parent, though,I recognize there is a distinction between animals and my children. Fred the cat likes when I feed him and rub him on the head. No matter how long hangs out on the farm, however, he will never be my child, nor my peer. I will care for him, but I will not put money towards his college education. Get a loan, Fred!

Farmers would be nowhere without their animals. Providing well for them, in turn, enables the farmers to be well provided. For farm animals and for pets, I am grateful.


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  1. And you didn’t mention that Fred earns his keep there on the farm. He kills rats, mice, voles, moles, and probably the occasional baby bunny. Our cat also provides entertainment–he’s kind of a goof!

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  2. Fred takes his life very seriously, especially when there is no milk in his bowl! But Fred is way beyond being a frat rat,sorry Fred no insult intended, he is a stay at home Dad! Must teach the little ones importance of milk bowl!

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