Fruits Of Our Labor

Over the weekend I was catching up on episodes of The Walking Dead when a question on the show stuck out to me.

Do you know what you’re working for?

One character, in the last hours of life after being bitten by a zombie, asked this to another.

We don’t need to be in a post apocalyptic world with snarling zombies at every turn to ask ourselves this question. It is easy to both get caught up in our routines, and become lost in the drama of the day, and forget what is important in life.

Goals I had wanted for along time were to farm and to publish a book. Other goals have come along the way with life; being a good husband and raising kids that can be successful in whatever they choose. Maintaining the balance between what is necessity and what is superfluous is challenging, when you forget what you’re working for.

On this Labor Day perhaps we shouldn’t look at what we’re doing, but instead reflect on what we could be doing to ensure the fruits of our labor are a bountiful harvest.

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