Some of us have a lot of hats that we wear. Mine, in no particular order, include father, husband, son, friend, farmer, and a few more. My wife would say I have watched too many of them!

Wearing the right hat at the right time is not always an easy task. While many people can indentify with some hats I wear there are less than 2% of the population that wear a farmer hat like me.

I went to town to do some non-farm business the other day and as usual I was wearing a farm hat and coat. While waiting on some paperwork the sales clerk began asking about what kind of farming I do and reminiscing about her own childhood farm memories.

 Unfortantly for me I was focused only on me and missed a great opportunity to spread the good news about milk. I forgot my hat. A few days later I was again in town and fell into the same situation. This time I was pro-active and talked about dairy farming and the ways we provide safe wholesome milk with happy healthy cows. I was proud of the hat I was wearing.

Calculated Cruelty at Amazon

Chapter 1

“…the phone lines are jammed up with your calls about Right To Farm or Right To Kill. We’ll have Senator Pearson on in the next hour to explain why he wants to repeal the Right To Farm Act. Caller one, your thoughts?”

“I’ve been vegetarian for five years because of what happens on those factory farms. I’m glad Senator Pearson wants to-” Continue reading

When a Dairy Cow Ran For President

In 2012 one of our dairy cows decided that the nation needed a new leader to take us in a better direction, and she volunteered for the job. Shirley Cow began her campaign in earnest. She even selected a running mate, Norma, from Dairy Carrie‘s herd. Here is the complete saga of Shirley Cow’s run for the office of the United States of America.

Dairy Cow Know How in 2012

After much thinking and soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that there comes a time when you can no longer stand idle in the pasture chewing your cud. I believe in freedom more so than even in the free choice you have of choosing white or chocolate milk to drink. I believe in the honesty and integrity that each of us, whether cattle, farmer, or otherwise, are born with. And I believe there are some who would like to take these things away.
When I look at the state of the countryside and our country beyond the fences of the farm, I see the sadness, the loss, and the hunger for values of days past and the hopeful dreams of a future that remains uncertain. Currently, we have two visions of the future: one from a donkey and one from an elephant. If you perceive our country in terms of a zoo then I would like to present an alternative animal plan, a bovine plan.
While I have been known as Agent 465 to those of you reading these reports my real name is Shirley and I’d like to be your next president. In the coming weeks I’ll explain my vision of the future for the first dairy cow as president.
I’m Shirley Cow, the only candidate with dairy cow know how!

(Original US Flag by Tim Wang)

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Calves Vs Babies

In the tradition of reruns, syndication, and Netflix; I thought for Throwback Thursdays (#TBT) I would pull up some of my favorite posts. We’ll kick it off with

Calves Vs Babies!!

baby dressed like cow

baby calf




While changing my 2-month-old son’s diaper the other day, I thought to myself that I never have to do this to calves.  And then I really started running with that thought until I came to this train wreck…

So with the help of his older sisters here are

The Top 10 Reasons Why Calves Are Better Than Babies

1. While you may get up to feed them hungry calves do not wake you up at night.
2. When you take them on  a trip you don’t have to put the calf in a “calf seat.”
3. You can legally sell a calf.
4. You never have to fear a calf crying in a movie theater, restaurant, or plane.
5. When you vaccinate a calf you can put it in a head chute.
6.You never have to burp a calf.
7. Calves do not need to be rocked to sleep.
8. You do not have to dress a calf.
9. Calves do not need any toys to play with.
10. You don’t have to change a calf’s diaper.


Are calves better than babies? Do you agree? Leave your comments below.