Coffee, Calves, And Kids

coffee calves

I can’t take any credit for the photos, but I can definitely relate. It really helps  being a morning person when you are a dairy farmer. I might have mentioned that you’re late for work if you show up here after 4:00 am.

I wasn’t always as morning coffee person. I got along just fine without a dose of early caffeine for years. I blame the third kid. I blame the third kid for many other things, but he really gets credit here.

You’re not really parenting until you’re outnumbered.

 But let’s get back to our talking about cups of joe. I grew up watching my mom make a pot for herself everyday. I’m more of a three cup kind of guy. More than that and I worry about the frustrating moments  between the last cup and the zipper that hangs on my coveralls at the wrong time. 

I have an older army vet friend who says if it isn’t black it isn’t coffee. I like to think we’ve actually come far enough in society that we can accept coffees of different colors. Treat them all as equals. 

And I take mine tan after thoroughly drowning it with half and half. I’d say more, but first let me finish it before it grows cold. Besides, it’s almost four and we’ve got cows to milk, remember?

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  1. Thank you for the good laugh. Needed it this afternoon. Getting ready to do my once a day milking at this point and no early rising is needed. Just do it any way. The new blog looks great! )


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