Fred The Farm Cat

Fearless Fred the farm cat is the last of three strays that someone dropped off at our farm about five years ago. His brothers were also orange, but had fewer lives. One lost a race with a car and the other a fight with a cow.  

Fred, George, and Tangerine

Fred is an adventurer, and I am sure he has used several lives as he walks the farm and roadways. Sometimes he even hitchhikes home.


Fred is working hard not to notice the trash on the floor

Living on a farm I can assure you that everyone has a job. That’s how you earn your keep and Fred has his.

He is thorough and takes his time as only a connoisseur of milk would. Using extremely discriminating  taste buds, Fred makes sure we only ship the finest milk.

Is Fred the finest cat in the world? I can’t say for sure, but he is the finest cat on our farm! Now, let’s get back to work!

fred milk
Don’t worry, he’ll find a way





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