Against The Grain 

I have a teenage daughter. Now most dads might think about what a burden that is. They might talk about the nonstop talking for instance. Or giggling. Lots of giggling. Lastly, they might reference teenage boys and explain how their gun needs cleaning or how hard they can hit a ball, or balls, with a baseball bat. You’ve seen the memes; you’ve heard the song. I think it might be different now. The times they are a’changin.

Date night with my wife yesterday was going to see Mocking Jay Part II. The previews were all about teenage girls, not unlike Katniss, who had to save their dystopian apocalyptic world, and yes I am so using the Google to spell check those words, from disaster. We saw previews for the next Divergent movie and the 5th Wave where the teenage girl saves the day. They are the new hero.

When I was growing up it seemed like the not-quite-middle-age-white-guy was saving the world, or at least the girl. Stallone, Willis, and Ah-nald fought aliens, terrorists, and tyrants. This got me thinking…

Next summer, in order to appeal to a multiage audience, a new movie should be made. Scratch that. A trilogy, because trilogies are the hot thing right now.

Bob is one of the last wheat farmers on earth. With prices falling each year and debt mounting he is ready to sell the family farm. His daughter, Frannie, wants to continue the tradition and urges him not to. When aliens invade the planet scientists discover their only weakness is gluten! The secret is in the seed!

Trust me, the farmer angle works and I give young Luke Skywalker, a farm boy, and the farm boy from The Princess Bride as exhibits A and B. Now we have a twist; the teenage farm girl.

This will be gold. Besides, everyone knows farmers are the real heroes. No food, no farmers. What else is there to say?

Besides, with a teenage girl at the lead it, like Katniss’s arrow, it can’t miss!

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