Donut Drive Through on the Farm

With National Donut Day coming up tomorrow I thought this would be a great Throwback Thursday post! Time To Fetch The Cows By four a.m. each morning I am driving out to the pasture making sure all the cows have come in to be milked. Yes, I did say four a.m.! Today I was thinking... Continue Reading →

Even Batman Needs Coffee

A conversation this morning on Twitter lamented the despair involved when one forgets to start the coffee maker and how little is accomplished before that first cup of caffeine. I think know I do important things and I'm sure our cows and calves at least think me feeding them is important. That got me to... Continue Reading →

Coffee, Calves, And Kids

I can't take any credit for the photos, but I can definitely relate. It really helps  being a morning person when you are a dairy farmer. I might have mentioned that you're late for work if you show up here after 4:00 am. I wasn't always as morning coffee person. I got along just fine... Continue Reading →

First World Soy Milk Problems

In what I would describe as a "first world problem," Marian Bull writes in The Eater about The Death of Soy Milk. The article explains how those choosing a dairy free option at coffee shops are increasingly turning from prepackaged soy milk in favor of something more esoteric or a made-in-house fake milk. The non... Continue Reading →

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