Dairy Diversity

An animal rights group recently started an insane campaign about how milk represents white supremacy. Yes, that’s a real head scratcher, isn’t it?

I propose that dairy is as diverse as they come.

There’s white, chocolate, and strawberry milk, cheeses, fermented milk, lactose-free milk, frozen milk, and more, more, more!

And what about the cows? We milk white cows, black cows, white AND black cows, brown cows, red cows, and… well you get the idea.

Dairy farmers come in all shapes and sizes, too. I’ve gotten to meet some of all types around the world through social media. My go-to dairy farmer for questions is a she, not a he, in fact. We are diverse.

What is dairy a symbol of?

  • Nine essential nutrients
  • Nature’s most perfect food
  • Hard work and dedication of farmers
  • Awesome recovery drink
  • Cool treats on summer days
  • Bone building calcium

Dairy is an equal opportunity food. It has simply something for everyone.

5 thoughts on “Dairy Diversity

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  1. Oh, My Goodness ! It won’t long until some one comes up with another absurdity .  What a world our children are being reared in these days. I still say my age group had the best of everything in “our” world…. that is the 1900’s !

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