Dairy Diversity

An animal rights group recently started an insane campaign about how milk represents white supremacy. Yes, that's a real head scratcher, isn't it? I propose that dairy is as diverse as they come. There's white, chocolate, and strawberry milk, cheeses, fermented milk, lactose-free milk, frozen milk, and more, more, more! And what about the cows?... Continue Reading →

The Letter

Dear milk drinkers and dairy lovers, In a world of cell phones, instant messages, and social media, the power of one letter can still be amazing. From the unexpected arrival of a check, or a deep profession of love and devotion, a letter can bring unexpected change.Unfortunately, dairy farmers have been getting a different kind... Continue Reading →

Farmers and Earth Day 

When farmers say every day is Earth Day they really mean it. In order for a farm to be passed down, to be sustainable, the farmer has to be a good steward of their land. The progress of raising the same amount of food and fiber with fewer inputs and resources is a testament to... Continue Reading →

Ask Those Farmers!

I like to think I know a little about dairy farming. I get this joke, for instance. There's much I don't know in other fields of agriculture. That makes me a lot like an average consumer. But I don't have to be average if I choose not to be. Earlier this year I was asked... Continue Reading →

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