The Letter

Dear milk drinkers and dairy lovers,

In a world of cell phones, instant messages, and social media, the power of one letter can still be amazing. From the unexpected arrival of a check, or a deep profession of love and devotion, a letter can bring unexpected change.Unfortunately, dairy farmers have been getting a different kind of letter recently. Because of severe low prices farmers are currently receiving for their milk, one cooperative mailed out a letter encouraging their members to take advantage of mental health support if they needed it because of the high suicide rate associated with farmers. Just imagine how concerned they were to even think they needed to consider it, and then actually make the decision to send this letter.

Last week another group of independent dairy farmers got a letter from their processor which said they would no longer be purchasing their milk. With the surplus of milk currently on the market, it will be difficult to find a new buyer for their milk when their contract ends in ninety days.

One letter and your livelihood, your hopes, your dreams, and your future are changed.

Yet in spite of this bleakness, dairy farmers continue to care for their cows and rise each morning to milk them. It’s who we are, it’s what we know, it’s what we do

But right now your help would be much appreciated. An extra gallon of milk from the store, extra cheese on your pizza, an extra scoop of ice cream, or an extra prayer at night. A little goes a long ways, and they might do everyone some good.


Farmer Bright

P.S. Just before finishing this I saw where some of the farms might have a potential home for their milk. A reminder that farming is a profession of hope.

12 thoughts on “The Letter

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  1. Thanks for putting those words together! Being there for each other is the most important thing. For a dairy to come to an end seems the end of the world to some but only the Lord knows what lies ahead and we can only hope it is something as good as what one has left. The love of animals and land is one thing, to get a paycheck that actually covers the bills is good too.

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  2. Plus the vital if intangible factor: farmers and ranchers are dedicated to the earth’s welfare in ways the knee-jerk greenies can’t begin to understand. So few people nowadays know the joy of good soil under their fingernails.

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