Cow Pi Day Math

In honor of National Pi Day, I thought I’d share a few facts and figures. For the record, I’m certified to check first and seventh grade math homework, so I’m fairly qualified for this.

Did you know that our cows spend approximately seventy percent of their day hanging out in the field resting and grazing?

Obviously, a few of them like to multitask while they’re out there.

The cows spend no more than ten minutes a day actually being milked. That works out to about one percent of the day. The rest of the time is spent eating, drinking, and hanging out.

If you think about it, the cows do nothing but eat and sleep for about ninety-nine percent of the day. Basically, we have a herd of frat boys, minus the hangovers.

Last, but certainly not least, the circumference of a good looking, average, round cow pie ranges from about thirty to forty-five inches.

Please remember, no matter how pretty the cow was that made it, a cow pie is still a cow pie.

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