The Farmers Behind Your Holiday Meal

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but the true joy comes with faith and family. Maybe the most memorable moments at Christmastime happen as relatives, near and far, gather around the table to share a meal.

Whether you’re reaching for seconds, asking Aunt Sue to pass you another roll or arguing over who gets the last slice of pie, please take a moment to think about where the bounty of food comes from.

Farmers like me work hard daily to care for our animals and our land, and not even the holidays keep us from milking our cows. Being good stewards of both ensure that another generation can continue. Farmers have no greater joy than a good harvest and the pride of seeing people enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Please remember the farmers when you sit down for your family holiday meal. Ask Aunt Sue to pass some butter to go with that roll. And don’t forget Santa’s milk when you leave out the cookies!

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