6 Year Old’s 6 Rules for Super Heroes and Us

Now that school is out for summer my kids are at the farm all the time. Last week while my son and I were bringing the cows in from the pasture for lunch, he told me that there are rules for super heroes.

After he named the first couple, I told him to go slow and let me write them down.

1. Do good before anything else.

He explained that heroes have to fight crime before they do any fun stuff. We should do the same in that our responsibilities come first in life.

2. Don’t kill.

Heroes don’t kill, they make bad guys face justice. Let’s all follow this one.

3. No time travel.

When you time travel the odds are that you’ll change something for the worse along the way. Perhaps with us we shouldn’t let worries from mistakes in the past or stress over what might happen in the future prevent us from living in the now.

4. Eat healthy and exercise.

You can’t fight crime if you’re out of shape, and you can’t experience life to the fullest if you’re not healthy.

5. Keep a sleep schedule.

If superheroes are caught napping on the job the bad guys are going to get away. A good night sleep does everyone a favor.

6. Don’t change to bad.

The worst thing a hero can do is give up or turn to crime. The same is true with us, we should always look for the truth and work for good.

Be a hero and follow these rules! We’ll do the same, and stay on the lookout for bad guys.


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