The Myth Of The Lonely Bull

Today I’d like to talk about a heinous injustice perpetrated against animals across the world. What is utterly disgusting is how so-called officials all urge in unison for this mental and physical violation of animals. It is abhorrent that everyone looks the other way when these precious animals are forced against their will onto operating tables never to be the same again; permanently changed. I call it torture, they call it spaying and neutering of pets.

I’m kidding.  But that’s how easy it is to write emotional rhetoric about a topic. 

Why do we spay and neuter pets? Because if we didn’t, animals would do what animals do. Let’s use my favorite cat, Fred, as an example. IMG_4172

If Fred was human, he would be listed right along side of Charlie Sheen and Anthony Weiner as a sex addict. Fred will breed any female cat near him, whether she is agreeable to his intentions, or not. In nature, animals breed to perpetuate their species. I understand that some animals have a sort of courtship ritual and some mate for life, but there are no lonely bulls, as long as there are fertile females around. This is one thing that separates us from animals.

We, as a society, have no trouble managing the sex lives of our pets, for population control as well as for breeding animals to improve their traits, or continue a certain lineage. However, as a dairy farmer, I’m often told how it is awful that we rape our cows. This is a completely incendiary phrase that has nothing to do with dairy farming. 

Yes, we breed our cows with a bull and by means of artificial insemination. Doing this helps us to get better traits for our herd, as well as manage when, and if, they calve.

Farmers and pet owners are managing their animals in a civilized and well researched manner. The problem for some is when they begin putting human traits on animals. Sometimes I think it should be the other way around and that some animal management techniques would be well suited on people. 

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