Milk Quality

When I say we have strict milk quality around here, I mean it!

Nobody inspects better than Fred!

Every load of milk is tested for antibiotics. A sample is taken before the truck loads the milk from the farm to ensure tracibility. Every load of milk is also tested for things besides antibiotics, too.

Milk is a snapshot of cow health and on farm cleanliness. Butterfat and protein are just a couple of properties of milk that is measured. These can be impacted by the breed of milk cows, as well as the type and quality of feed and forage in the herd’s diet.

Other tests reflect the health of the cow and quality of milk. If the milk doesn’t meet certain standards the farm is warned and then cut off for not making necessary changes.

Let us not forget about the routine inspections by the state and federal inspectors. Just like restaurants are checked, milk barns are gone over with care to ensure they meet current requirements.

Milk safety and quality are always on the mind of dairy farmers. We are always watching the cows, our equipment, procedures, and milk tests to guarantee the best product leaving our farm.


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