Some of us have a lot of hats that we wear. Mine, in no particular order, include father, husband, son, friend, farmer, and a few more. My wife would say I have watched too many of them!

Wearing the right hat at the right time is not always an easy task. While many people can indentify with some hats I wear there are less than 2% of the population that wear a farmer hat like me.

I went to town to do some non-farm business the other day and as usual I was wearing a farm hat and coat. While waiting on some paperwork the sales clerk began asking about what kind of farming I do and reminiscing about her own childhood farm memories.

 Unfortantly for me I was focused only on me and missed a great opportunity to spread the good news about milk. I forgot my hat. A few days later I was again in town and fell into the same situation. This time I was pro-active and talked about dairy farming and the ways we provide safe wholesome milk with happy healthy cows. I was proud of the hat I was wearing.

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  1. Not being a hat person, I have other identifiers. I wear a vintage rhinestone American flag pin on my lapel, handed down since 1943 when my grandmother wore it to honor my aunt, one of the first women Navy officers in WWII. And my laptop sports a PBR decal — ask me anything about professional bull riding.

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