New Year’s Morning

The new year started as normal with me getting up to bring the cows in from the night pasture.  I should’ve known something was up from the beginning. Several cows were huddled at the opening of the lane, but they were not going in.  Gently, I called to them and urged them forward. With a questioning look back at me, the cows hesitatingly entered the lane and towards the barn.

The cows were walking on easy street, or so I thought. No sooner had I drove my truck around and opened the door when about two dozen briskly walked back out the lane to the field. I could attempt to chase them or try something else.  I tried the carrot approach by attempting to lure them back with the gentle noise of the silage conveyors.

Soon enough most of them came walking back to me and began eating. I waited for the last few to return while feeding some calves but they were not as easy going. For the second time, I drove my truck to the field and shined my lights on the six cows standing at the end of the lane.

Luck was on my side. My favorite cow, Clara, stood looking at me. I got out of the truck and scratched her ears and chin, talked to her a minute, and she followed me up the lane.  The remaining cows soon got in line behind us and I slipped back and shut the gate.

I’ve got patience on my resolution list for the year, and I hope I, and the cows, continue to keep it.



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