Enough Ice Cream?

No summer could ever be summer without ice cream. The cure for a smoldering hot summer day? Ice cream. How to ignore that blistering sunburn you just realized you got? Ice cream. How to stop your kid from crying about a skinned knee? The answer, of course, is ice cream.  This summer I took a... Continue Reading →

If You Give A Dairy Farmer Some Ice Cream….

If you give a dairy farmer some ice cream... He'll probably think about milking cows. And if he thinks about milking cows then he'll probably think about feeding cows. If he thinks about feeding cows then he'll probably think about harvesting. Harvesting makes him think about tractors. When he's riding his tractor he might see... Continue Reading →

Celebrating National Milk Day

Creamer for coffee Milk and cereal Buttered toast Yogurt smoothie Grilled cheese sandwich Mac n cheese Loaded baked potato with sour cream How will you celebrate National Milk Day? Milk and cookies Milkshake Ice cream Sundae......  

Posset-ively Eggnog Is Ice Cream

Like it or not, Eggnog is a holiday mainstay. Who knew what humble beginnings this treat had. Let's go to the wayback machine, Sherman! Back in Ye Olden Days "Mum, I'm going to throw the stale bread out and give it to the pigs." "Hold yer breeches, boy! That be our breakfast." Perhaps that isn't... Continue Reading →

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