The Perfect Utensils For The Perfect Meal

I’ve written about the perfect meal. The meal of little preparation and easy clean up. I admitted that the quality of food, the making of the meal, and the simple joy of eating each contribute to the experience of a perfect meal. I think today the world has taken a step forward towards the perfect meal.

I give you the edible spoon.


Edible Cutlery

No, really. A spoon you can eat. While the inventor of this spoon didn’t have my lazy disposition towards washing dishes in mind when he came upon the idea, he had higher aspirations. Plastic spoons and utensils are as ubiquitous as they are wasteful. Yes, they make life easy, but what do you do when you finish with them? They go in the trash. They’re not very green if you know what I mean. This is also the week of Earth Day, so you should definitely be paying attention for the rest.

What if you didn’t have to throw anything away? That would be one less step! The edible spoon is made of millet, rice, and… wait! Here’s a great video that explains it all.

You can throw the spoons away and they will decompose quickly like any other food. Now imagine if you could eat off of edible plates and drink from edible cups. The perfect meal may be coming back into focus. Who knew that laziness could be a contributing factor to a better earth?

Edible cutlery has already exceeded their goal on Kickstarter. Perhaps one day we will all we able to try it ourselves.

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