Dreaming About The Lotto

So this farmer meme showed up this week about the lottery.



True. I can’t argue with it. We put our faith in cows and plants; our money, too. If they don’t do what we hope then it is a gamble lost. And that happens more often than we’d like.

The lottery is different, however. This is a game of chance that you play for fun and not because you’re livihood depends on it. If it does, then you have other problems.

So cue If I Had A Million Dollars up…

What would I do with the Powerball winnings? My wife gets first dibs on it as she would quit her job and stay home with the kids. Me? Oh, I’m the crazy guy you see in interviews that says, “No, if I won the lotto I’d still go into work everyday. It wouldn’t change me.” Yup, that’s me. The crazy guy. She also has plans to hire the This Old House crew to renovate our hundred year old farmhouse.

For sure I’d make some changes. I’ve talked about those robot milkers before and maybe I’d invest in them. We could use a new tractor, or two. There’s no shortage of carpentry work on the barns that needs tending to and there’s some places we need new concrete poured with grooves so the cows can stand on it better.

Look at me! I’ve come a long ways since nine years old and a Christmas list a page long. Perhaps I’m not thinking hard enough on the things I need. Give me time and I’m sure I can come up with some more!

What would you do with your lotto winnings?

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