What To Do With $600,000

I was trying to imagine what I'd do for our farm with six hundred thousand dollars. I could pay bills, make repairs, build a barn, or get new tractors and equipment. We could even get a milking robot, or perhaps invest in our own milk plant. And I should obviously make sure I do something... Continue Reading →

Dreaming About The Lotto

So this farmer meme showed up this week about the lottery.   A little #Powerball #aghumor #agmeme for you this morning. #farmer #agchat #lottery #ifiwonthelotteryIwould pic.twitter.com/FAaslbiNg7 — Matt Boucher (@boucherfarms) January 7, 2016   True. I can't argue with it. We put our faith in cows and plants; our money, too. If they don't do... Continue Reading →

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