The Christmas Cow Miracle 

 For the past few days we’ve been giving this girl extra care. Carrying feed, hay, and water-cows drink a bathtub of water a day-oh, the water; it has been a chore. 

Yesterday she walked well. She got up quickly and walked with a limp in both legs and today she stayed up for a long time with a limp in only one leg.  Now I believe she’s on her way to recovery. 

Inside I’m not sure if I had hope of her getting up on her own and getting well, but I didn’t stop doing all I could for her. Is that where miracles live? Somewhere in the fog where hope and faith are questioned? 

In this season of hope maybe we should remember that small things can make big differences in the world. 

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    1. At first we thought she was only constipated by the way she got up and down unable to get comfortable. Then the diagnosis became ketosis which requires an IV. Still, she didn’t want to stand long and cows sometimes simply give up. We were very happy to say the least.


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