Feeding Baby Calves

We take much care in raising our calves. By getting the calves off to a good start we make sure that we will have a good herd of cows in the future. The best cows always begin life as healthy calves. When they are born we let the calf nurse the cow for a few... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Cow Miracle 

 For the past few days we've been giving this girl extra care. Carrying feed, hay, and water-cows drink a bathtub of water a day-oh, the water; it has been a chore.  Yesterday she walked well. She got up quickly and walked with a limp in both legs and today she stayed up for a long... Continue Reading →

30 Days and 30 Posts

 The first step in writing is to simply write. Press one key and then another and the next thing you know you've gotten to the end of your 30 days of blogging adventure. In case you haven't guessed it, I'm copping out a bit on this last one, but cut me some slack because it... Continue Reading →

Backyard Dairy Cow

As a dairy farmer one of the questions I get asked is about how one would go about having one or two cows to milk for their family. While I definitely don't want to discourage anyone from farming or being involved in agriculture, caring for dairy cows is not easy. Is that an inside cow... Continue Reading →

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