Even Batman Needs Coffee

A conversation this morning on Twitter lamented the despair involved when one forgets to start the coffee maker and how little is accomplished before that first cup of caffeine. I think know I do important things and I’m sure our cows and calves at least think me feeding them is important. That got me to wondering about people who actually have real important jobs and how the lack of their cup of wake up might be an impediment.

Of course I thought of Batman first.

The red phone rings and a groggy Bruce Wayne rolls over to answer it.

“Batman,” Police Commissioner Gordon implores, “get to Gotham fast! The Joker is robbing the First and Second National Banks!”

Bruce calls Robin to suit up and stops by the kitchen on the way to the Batcave to grab his coffee. But there’s a huge problem. Nobody made the coffee.

batman robin
Never Forget the Coffee!

And without that cup of java, Batman leaves one step slow. The fight with the Joker goes horrible with our caped crusaders taking more hits and than they gave. The dastardly villain escapes with the cash and Batman and Robin have no one but themselves to blame.

It sounded completely plausible until I remembered Alfred. Billionaire Bruce Wayne has Alfred, his butler, to care for his every need. What butler worth his salt, and we know Alfred is, would leave the coffee making to chance? He would’ve taken care of it for our heroes and, unlike the Batman Christmas jingle, the Joker would not have gotten away.

Is it a crisis for you when the coffee doesn’t get made? Are you like Batman without coffee? Or, are you more lucky Mr. Wayne and have someone to take care of that problem for you? There is a distinct lack of Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks between my house and the farm. The only option is in my kitchen. Now, if I can only remember to turn on the timer button on the coffee maker because I have important things to do! If you don’t believe me, then go ask the cows.

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  1. It sure helps to have a jug full and if a quick trip in night for emergency we found did not have time to fix coffee. Made the urgent trip a big life saver.Or if the power goes out is nice to have some coffee ready.We were farmers and worked 3rd shifts,a coffee jug and water jug is a must have.stay safe.
    we live south of Wichita, Ks. 60 miles almost to the Oklahoma line. Almost crops done, wheat planted and coming up. Some use for pasture with young calves.Cotton is about cut and baled. Have a gin close, so get to see the trucks all the time with bales on them. Lot of rain this year, crops did great.
    Thank you and your family for all you do for Ag and please be careful think before you work to make sure everything ok. I know you are more careful then you realize. No short cuts. Take care My Father-in-law caught arm in corn picker in the 1950s only needed to have shut machine off. Anyway. my thoughts. I do not know how you get everything ou do done. I am sure you have some good help. Sharon Drake south central kansas

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