Pizza In Space

Before we begin we have to set the mood.

Yes, you have to push play on the video to set the mood.

Ok, now we can start.

An Indian engineer claims to have created a 3-D printer capable of printing food and, most importantly, pizza!

Yes, I said pizza! Pizza and other meals for NASA.

This is not a first world problem. This is a first space problem! This is not just astronauts complaining about their need for a cheese pizza fix in space. Think about it? How do you cook in space with the problems of gravity, food prep, and just getting food there? This is possibly a major breakthrough.

In fact, there are many startups making 3-D food printers. While expensive now they will, like everything else, come down in price as times goes on. Regular people, the elderly, and your faithful pet, Fido, are all included as potential customers.

Of course there are George Jetson like ramifications for those of us still tethered here on terra firma. I wrote about the perfect meal, and how it doesn’t really exist, but if we could holler at Siri and tell her to please print us some supper, well, a perfect meal might be just around the corner.

Now if I only had the robot farmer I wanted maybe I could teach him/her/it to do the dishes.

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