Bored Cows

You’ve read about it on the internet. You know all about those dairy cows that are overworked and underpaid. These are the cows you’ve read about.


Just what are these cows doing? Look closely and you’ll see the problem. I mean besides the weeds that should’ve been mowed. If you said they’re not watching Netflix or checking Facebook then you guessed correctly.  These cows are bored. They have nothing to do.

How long are they forced to endure this boredom? At least eighteen hours a day. That’s right, these cows will do nothing but hang out like a bunch of lazy frat boys for the majority of the day.

Dude, let’s major in dairy cow. 

But wait, there’s more! Or less, actually. Of the six hours left in the day you’re probably thinking is when the cows are working the hardest. Nope. The majority of that time is spent eating. Yes, I said eating.


What about being milked? Aren’t they supposed to be milked all of the time? Our cows are milked twice a day for a total of about ten minutes. Some quick multiplication says a dairy cow only has a seventy minute work week.

Yes, seventy minutes a week. 

Let’s not forget that they also take off two months when they are pregnant. Now every farm is not like ours. Some milk three times a day.  Some keep their cows in climate controlled barns so they don’t have to deal with poor weather conditions. In all cases farmers are working to keep their cows pampered, even if they are occasionally bored.

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