Ask Those Farmers!

I like to think I know a little about dairy farming. I get this joke, for instance.

Via Modern Day Farm Chick
There’s much I don’t know in other fields of agriculture. That makes me a lot like an average consumer. But I don’t have to be average if I choose not to be.

Earlier this year I was asked to join Ask The Farmers. They are a group of farmers and ag related professionals (of course, aren’t farmers really ag professionals?) sharing what they do and answering questions.

Ask the Farmers

Believe it or not their Tweets, blogs, Facebook and Instagram posts are all composed by volunteers. I can vouch for that because I’ve written some posts and even chipped a in a bit to help pay for their beautiful new website. There are no cooperate donations.

You have to truly love what you do to take time away from work, leisure, and family to share your story and answer countless questions. And they do.

Why does this animal do that? Why do farmers not do this? Where is my favorite food, blank, grown? Ask the farmers. One of them probably has first hand knowledge or can help you get the answer you are looking for!

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