Magic Milk

Everyone remembers how gullible Jack was to trade the family cow for some magic beans in Jack and the Beanstalk. The truth is, many of us are still trying to find our own magic beans.

There is something enviable about having something few others can get. It can make us feel special, even better than others. But is it really better?

Unfortunately, there are some that will tell about how if you want real milk, you’ll buy raw milk.  People will give all kinds of anecdotal evidence about how raw milk is good for this ailment and that. Why, it’s nearly magical. There’s one they don’t lay claim to. No one claims raw milk prevents E. coli infections. At least four kids are in intensive care at a hospital today because of drinking raw milk or contact with E. coli. Some are suffering from kidney failure. There is no reason for anyone to face this kind of danger from drinking milk.

I am not alone in my belief about pasteurization. The dairy industry, CDC, USDA, and FDA all agree that no one should drink raw milk.

There are no magic beans and there is no magic milk. Pasteurized milk contains all the nutrients and none of the risks of raw milk. We shouldn’t be so gullible to think otherwise.

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  1. Better to be safe than to be sorry . I often think: how in the world did we not “come down’ with diseases / illnesses by the way we ate raw foods of any kind and by today’s standards, everything needs to be processed in some form or fashion. Another thought is : Why did we not contact some illness by leaving cooked food on our tables under a table cloth, from one meal to the next. The cloth was to keep the flies from getting to the leftovers. Were we stronger more resistant and weaker today???

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    1. Definitely be safe than sorry.
      I think some foods are okay to be left out for up to four hours. Maybe we know, or think we know, more about how food can spoil and take greater care now. That’s a good question.


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