Hold The Whip Cream 

I am bewildered and perplexed. I have a mystery that I’m not sure even the detective I write about, John  Steele, can solve. 

My wife and I went out to eat sans the kids over the weekend. This was a last minute plan and we ended up at Sonic. While we were polishing off some double cheeseburgers the guy in the truck next door placed his order.

“I’d like two Oreo shakes. No whip cream and no cherries.”

My wife and I were stunned to silence. Who orders milkshakes and specifically asks for no whip cream?

We had no choice but to analyze the problem. They were ordering a dairy product so to leave off the whipped cream wasn’t due to lactose issues. Next, we thought about calories, but the milkshakes are 480 calories and counting. If you’re concerned about this then leaving off the whipped cream isn’t going to save you much.


Milkshakes with whipped cream to celebrate my daughter’s winning speech

Am I crazy? Is there any reason to deny yourself the delicious topping on your milkshake? I say definitely not. Now, what do you think?

10 thoughts on “Hold The Whip Cream 

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  1. Hate to admit this, but my family doesn’t have a fine appreciation for whip cream on milkshakes either. Their claim is that it takes away from the savory taste of the ice cream. Their palates must be much more ice cream trained than mine.
    I do wonder how a bacon milkshake might be? Will volunteer as a q.c. person & give it a try!

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    1. You got the best of both worlds, bet it would be sell big in NY! They don’t know any better.
      I do like the whip cream idea though. The Pancake Pantry has the BEST whip cream I have ever tasted! Would eat it out of a cup, out of a bowl, but a tub would be better!!!!

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