Average American Farmer?

I saw this infographic from Successful Farming and thought I’d see how I compare.

  • I’m well under the average age. Our farm is much smaller, but we do raise corn and wheat for silage.
  • I made it in the 28% group with my degree in Animal Science!
  • Sports fan? That’s probably a stretch for me, although I do try to keep up with current teams. Did you see Montana’s pass to Rice yesterday? Is Terry Labonte going to win the Winston Cup this year?
  • I do score points for being more social, although I’m surprised by the lead of YouTube.
  • While not farming I spend time with family, currently consisting of my getting my dancing daughter to and from practice. And where’s the watching movies, building a Plex media server, and reading books categories? Am I above or below average here?
  • ┬áiPhone, but I use Windows laptops. Our dairy records program is also on the PC; the cows expect me to remember their birthdays!
  • And married to a school teacher. I got a C+ on my last husband report card. Trust me, that’s worth bragging about!

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