Happiness and Milk and Cookies 

Today I saw happiness in three words was trending on Twitter and so I joined in with this


Immediately after posting I wondered if anyone would argue that I should have included family, faith, love, etc instead. So far so good on that front.

Family definitely plays a role in happiness. Who can forget being chided as a child by their mother to wait and not grab a hot cookie off the pan straight out of the oven? How about at Christmas when you sat the cookies and milk out for Santa with mom and dad? Or as an adult how you shared cookies and milk with your own children?
Cookies and milk

Dunking is a religious experience not unlike baptism. Different denominations do it differently, and preferences for dunking cookies in milk can be a very touchy subject. I grew up in a no dunk home. My father did not approve of dunking. Period. Now, as an adult, I’ve tried it all from barely getting the cookie in the glass to full submersion. When I do dunk my cookies I’m a halfway type of guy. Enough milk on it to soften it up, but not so much that the cookie falls apart before it reaches your mouth.

So why are milk and cookies better than family and friends? Let’s face it, your children will one day grow up and leave you to start families who enjoy milk and cookies by themselves. Your friends have lives of their own and cannot be at your beck and call. Your adoring spouse, who normally overlooks your minute failures idiosyncrasies, sometimes gets mad at you when you forget to take out the trash, listen to their problems, etc etc.

I’m here to tell you that milk and cookies will never let you down. They are old standby’s that you can trust to be there for you and to be delicious time and time again. Need variety? Flavor your milk. Switch from chocolate chip to Oreo’s to an near endless soft or crunchy treat.

Happiness in three words? You betcha.

Milk and cookies.

Photo credit: By Carsten Schertzer from Santa Cruz, CA, United states [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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